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    I have 2 serial flashback 3 cards. The software I have is V3.54 and I can't tell the firmware version atm. However, I thing that the software is kinda beta because it's not very user friendly. Where can I find the current version of the software? Both firmware and Windows.
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    Hi Trace,

    If you contact us by email, we will send you the latest version. When contacting us, please let us know that you have the serial version. The software for the serial version has not evolved much, but the software for the USB version is completely different. It includes a mini drawing and animation package, as well as a live control system. This is completely different from the serial version. Note that you can upgrade to the USB version by adding a USB daugherboard to your Flashback. When you have the daughterboard, we include the software for free.

    You can contact us by using our CONTACT form at:
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    William Benner