Some fb4 hardware questions.

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    Is there an overview of the FB4 interface structure available, menu tree maybe?

    How many color channels does the fb4 support ?
    Can the levels of the Yellow,cyan, and also be adjusted through the interface?

    It looks like the FB4 ilda through input only has RGB (3) support, is this 1:1 routed to the RGB output, or are there routing/summing options for the extra color channels ?

    Are the dmx possibilities of the FB4 identical to the FB3 ?
  2. The FB4 has six colour outputs.

    I have not seen a menu structure so far. Actually, the preliminary manual does not mention the menu or menu structure at all. I hope the manual will be updated soon.
  3. I have written down the menu options for you. The menu is only two layers deep, so it is quite straightforward.

    Menu options:
    1. Exit Menu
    2. Operation Mode
    3. Master Settings
    4. Color Settings
    5. Scan Guard
    6. Network Setup
    7. FB4 Device Info

    Options for each menu item:
    1. Exit Menu
    Blacks out the display

    2. Operation Mode
    - Beyond/QS
    - Ilda Input *)
    - DMX 512 *)
    - Art NET *)
    - Auto Start *)
    - Test Mode *)
    *) Options not available on my FB4 (red cross next to them)

    3. Master Settings
    - Brightness [0-100, default 100]
    - Master Size [0-100, default 100]
    - Invert X *)
    - Invert Y *)
    - Swap XY *)
    *) Options not available on my FB4 (red cross next to them)

    4. Color Settings
    - Color Shift [0-7]
    - Red [0-100, default 100]
    - Green [0-100, default 100]
    - Blue [0-100, default 100]
    - Deep Blue [0-100, default 100]
    - Yellow [0-100, default 100]
    - Cyan [0-100, default 100]

    5. Scan Guard
    - Enable Guard *)
    - Horizon Level [0-100]
    - Horizon Angle [0-45, default 45]
    - Min. Velocity [0-300, default 30]
    - Dwell Time [1-300, default 45]
    - Invert Y *)
    - Rescan Time [0-999, default 500]
    *) Options not available on my FB4 (red cross next to them)

    6. Network Setup
    - Auto IP
    - IP Subnet [001-255, default 001]
    - IP Address [000-255, default 101]

    7. FB4 Device Info
    Shows serial number, firmware version etc.
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    Push the button then the red X will change to a V
  5. Bob@Pangolin

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    Someone already answered about the menu structure, but this we can change inside the firmware; It might very well be that this menu will be extended in the future.


    yes. Independently from QuickShow or BEYOND.

    The FB4 supports ilda in and through.
    In and trough is not blindly connected. Its shielded.

    No.. The FB4 offers much more. But obviously that depends more on the software used than the hardware.

    The DMX is also through and in.
    But you might want to take a look art-net in.. Then there is even more possible.

    Otherwise contact me Bart, I think you know how to reach me!
    Best regards,


    PS, you might want to check this document, Page 8 :
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    Hi Guys.

    please explain to me how to operate the testmode and the auto mode on FB4.:

    I uploaded my workspace and enabled auto mode
    Then I found options for auto mode: I tried "power" and "click". I switched it off and on while "power" was enabled but nothing happens (no output)
    I switched to "click" , guessing that means click the menu button, I clicked it, but again nothing happens.
    Furthermore I enabled test mode and did the setting "laser on" for test mode but again no output came out !?

    What's missing ?
    (Beyond/QS mode is running !)

    Best Regards Peter
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    While playing with FB4 I (after packing my christmas packages :))
    I found some more questions which are not answered in the beta manual:

    1. What is addressing scheme and in/out port number for OSC and need it to be enabled somewhere ? Found no menu entry for that.
    2. Autostart has option "time", but how do I programm the time to play something and is there an internal clock setting ?
    3. What's are the first 2 bytes in manual network setting
    4. My device has firmware version 0.08 build 0268. Is it possible that this is early alpha version ?
    Are there updates ? If so, how can I make an update ?

    Please, guys from Pangolin, a litle one page manual for theese basic items should be available for this fantastic product !
    Not today or in the next days, but next year, would be nice :)

    Happy Christmas for all of you
    Best Reagards,
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    update for my last posting:

    Found out 192.168 to be the first 2 bytes of the network interface.
    I assume that the netmask is , right ?
    Unfortunately I just read after my posting another post from Bob that there's a new firmware coming.
    I'm curious about it and I'm hoping it comes with a manual :)
  9. Bob@Pangolin

    Bob@Pangolin Staff Member

    Subnet mask determines the IP scope.. It can be or ..
    When the new firmware exactly comes i cannot say.
  10. jb0815

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    I found out that uploads get only into folder content/dmx on SD card so far.
    I tried now to move the files into auto and/or test folder.
    But again no output ?
    By the way: what file formats are accepted ?
    So far I tried the uploaded files from QS, .ild .bshw, .BeyondPage and .bfrm
    I never got any output, not in automode not in testmode (tried "click" and "pwr" as trigger) !?
    This is really frustrating ...
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  11. jb0815

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    Update to my last post:
    I made uploads now with Beyond 3.0 instaedt of QS.
    Now I could get testmode working, but automode still doesn't work ( I've uploaded files to auto folder)
  12. Aaron@Pangolin

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    Using Auto mode of the FB4 requires the animation files to be on the SD card in the \content\auto folder. For Auto, these frames need to be put on the card manually; they are not uploaded from the QuickShow or BEYOND.

    The QS and BEYOND applications create these folders automatically on the SD card and in the BEYOND or QS\Export\Content folder. File names in the folders must follow standard naming. For auto it is auto_001.FB4Animation and so on up.

    For auto start, plug your SD card into your PC using a standard SD card reader or flash card adapter, and copy any exported cues you want to use
    from the DMX folder, with a new name: auto_001.FB4Animation into content\auto\ folder. After that set Operational mode of FB4 to Auto start,
    and in Auto start menu of FB4 set Animation to 001, and Trigger to pwr, and exit from menu. After that FB4 will start in auto-start mode.
  13. jb0815

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    Hi Aaron, thank you It works !

    But why did you guys make it that complicated ?
    Just playing files in the auto folder in alphabetical order without a naming convention would be much easyier to handle.
  14. jb0815

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    Now I checked exporting with output using master size (3. option)
    But It seems to be ignored, all output comes with maximum size !
  15. Valent Leong

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    Hi all,

    1. Can i directly connect Quickshow 3.0 to FB4 thru network cable? Does it work the same as FB3 in terms set up?
    2. How to daisy chain FB4 as there is only 1 network port at the back.
    3. While connected thru the network cable from PC, can i also use ILDA Cable to daisy chain other laser projector? can they work simultaneously (ILDA& cat 5 or 6) (shared control)

    ps: i do not own FB4 yet as i m planning to purchase new sets of laser projector, but i do own few units of FB3.