Some little bugs in QS I nd nice-to-haves in QS II

Discussion in 'FB series of products' started by Jim_LaserBeam, Aug 10, 2010.

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    Some little bugs in QS and nice-to-haves in QS II

    Hi there,

    now I`ve had enough time to try out most of the features of QS.
    It works really fine except the "Quick Timeline" feature, which is still a little buggy.


    Thank you so far, JLB
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  2. Pangolin

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    Dear Jim,

    If you have problems, you should write directly to Pangolin, using our contact form at

    You should write to Pangolin AT THE FIRST SIGN OF TROUBLE. As soon as we receive an email, we reply directly, or we can forward it to others on the Pangolin programming team who can solve your problem.

    Posting on this forum or any other forum will not bring fast results because we only check the forum every week or so. Email is always the fastest method.

    Regarding the particular problems you noticed, we already have had a solution for it, and in fact, we just released a BETA version which is more than 100 builds newer than what you are using. You'd be able to receive the BETA directly by contacting Pangolin.

    Best regards,

    William Benner