Specs for PC, GPU or CPU Power?

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  1. Rendang1963

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    Hi everybody,

    I had a question concerning the best specs for a Beyond PC system. Do I have to pay more attention to CPU instead of GPU Power?
    Is the GPU actually involved in the frame calculation or is this been done entirely on the CPU. If so, are you using all threads, so I would benefit from a multicore CPU? Or, if you are using only single core, should I rather go for higher clock speeds.

    Thank´s in advance for clarifying,

    Martin Koslowski
  2. ENOT

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    Hi Martin,

    Important part is CPU. BEYOND use all cores, more is better. Frequency of CPU and memory is also important. Faster - better. All calculations in CPU. Memory size is not so important, but at least 4G.

    General advice - take some modern computer with i7.

    Best Regards,
  3. Rendang1963

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    Thank you Alexey for explaining thing´s. I am running an i7-4790K in a small barebone with 12 Gig of Ram, which is still sort of mobil. I will choose that machine for my beyond system.

    kind regards,