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  1. spectrabeam.de is the new online shop for Pangolin laser shows, where you can buy shows from various manufacturers and programmers on a single website.

    If you are a show programmer, we offer marketing and international distribution of your laser show 'showware' to professional customers. Contact us now!

    We started our online shop with twelve own spectrabeam.de shows and additional shows for the Pangolin LD2000 system from a number of manufacturers. The offer already spans from shows for 70 euros and more, for systems with a single scanner, to the premium range of big systems with three or more white light scanners.

    There are shows available for all occasions, such as disco events or product presentation, ranging from classical to techno. In addition to the single shows, spectrabeam.de will soon offer individually combined show packages and subscriptions by different programmers. Therefore, our customers need not bind themselves to a single show manufacturer to get a good package price.

    Every developed show can be adapted to special wishes, and we design or arrange individually programmed laser shows on demand. Our specialty in this area is the customized programming of animated 3-D graphics shows designed with 3-D Studio MAX for special occasions.

    Visit www.spectrabeam.de for free preview videos or one-minute excerpts of the shows.

    Press release: http://openpr.com/news/5987

    Further information:

    Bernd Steinert, owner and managing engineer