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    YAMAGE New Member

    Hi, All

    I really appreciate Pangolin Beyond at all times.

    My problems is that 
    I can't use "spout" program between Beyond Ultimate and Resolume Arena 5.0/6.0, after updated Beyond 3.0 to 4.0.

    When I used Beyond 3.0, I often used spout program with "Realtime Video Tracer", capturing movies from Resolume into Beyond. (I knew the way to do in this forum as 1st photo below.)
    However, after updated Beyond 3.0 to 4.0, now I can't use spout program despite the same conditions around Resolume as before. (displayed "Spout Cam" in "Available web cameras" in Beyond 3.0, but now it's not displayed as 2nd photo below.)

    Could anyone tell me the way to use "spout" with Beyond 4.0 and Resolume Arena ??

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  2. Francesco van Loon

    Francesco van Loon Staff Member

    Hi Yamage, thanks for your post and you are correct. Spout will not work anymore with Beyond 4 (64-bit).
    The reason is that the new Beyond 4 comes as 64-bit application by default.
    Spout is 32-bit only and unfortunately do not work together with any 64-bit application.

    Does this mean that you can not use Spout (webcam) anymore in Beyond 4.... No you still can, no problem!
    We also have Beyond 4 in 32-bit version for this kind of reasons.
    Best to contact pangolin by email to request the download link for 32-bit version.
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    YAMAGE New Member

    Hi, Francesco van Loon

    Thank you for your reply. I'm so happy that you could tell me the reason of the trouble.
    I'll contact Pangolin to request 32-bit version of Beyond 4. Thank you!
  4. meowmeowmeow

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    I'm also a resolume/ spout user I'm glad there is a fix for this, thanks Francesco.