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  1. wondergy

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    Hi all!

    I find myself trying to create a long text crawl as seen at the start of star wars. I can do it with one frame's worth, but I can't figure out a way to go Beyond.

    Related issue: Text generator treats line breaks as spaces. The only way I've found to break lines is in the frame creator. Is there a way to have the Text Generator handle multiple lines?

    My ideal:
    Type a text in the Text Generator
    Apply text effects

    Any ideas?
  2. BillWX

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    I had to do the same thing over the past 2 weeks. I'm creating a "sci-fi" laser show and the start of the show is exactly the text crawl.
    A big problem is flicker. There is a lot of text, and even using the simplest text, once there are more than 2 lines, the flicker gets worse until there is a break.
    My first attempt was to create frames of the text and use effects to have the frame scroll up and geometrically shrink and move "inward" in 3D space. But the flicker was way too much.
    What I had to do is use the text generator and do each line individually and use effects for the motion. There had to be enough space between the lines to avoid the flicker.
    In the end, it actually isn't bad. Running one line at a time - and as it fades out, the next one starts to scroll in, works well because it allows time to read the line.
    I created an effect that does the motion from bottom to middle, geometrically gives the appearance of moving away, and does the fade out - all in about 7 seconds.
    Then I just copied/pasted that same effect for each line, in the order of the text. The only trouble was moving each image/effect on the timeline so that the spacing was equal. That took some "playing around" to get it just right. I used about 8 lines on the timeline to overlap the ending of one line of text with the next incoming line. That allowed enough time by the 8th line down to start the 9th back on the top line, with "wiggle room" for each line for adjustment.

  3. White-Light

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    Use a video projector for the text!

    Text is very scanner intensive and even a few words will induce flicker. More than that and you could even slow the scanners to a crawl or at the extreme destroy them. Best way for lines and lines of text in my opinion, is to combine text video with laser, in much the same way as it is done for laser mapping.

    That way you could use the laser to generate the star field and the video projector to supply the text.
  4. Bob@Pangolin

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    Check out the cloud, there I have just uploaded a text cue named "StarWars", I think this would work