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    Hi All,

    This is where you post questions and comments about The Dazzler and Discoscan, the wide angle projector accessories being offered by Pangolin. Both products are being sold as OEM add-ons for existing projectors or for new projector designs. For more information on these two great products, please see the page:

    For what it's worth, Glenn Turner of Lasercorp has been using The Dazzler for quite some time. Here is a message that he sent to me after using it a short time:

    When I first saw the Dazzler I was skeptical about its capabilities, then I ran a laser through it within a smoke environment and I was absolutely Dazzled! I demonstrated it in our studio to a few industry friends, every one of them dropped their jaws when they saw the 360 degree effects we were generating.

    Last night I provided a cost only show to an associated who runs a large club in order to test the Dazzler in a show situation, I ran the Dazzler from a fiber optic projector suspended above the dance floor. When we launched the Dazzler show we blacked out all the lighting and video, and everyone in the club stopped and turned to look at the Dazzler and roared with excitement due to the encompassing 360 degree waves and beam effects we created with the Dazzler!

    We had only been running the Dazzler for a few minutes when the manager came up and said he's never seen anything like it in his life and wants it there regularly!