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    For several months, I'm trying to solve a strange issue in the QS. Perhaps it is a matter of settings, but I'm fighting with it so long that I Don't know what can cause this kind of problem. I can't explain it in words, so I attach some print screen's. (fast explanation: QS Abstract editor generate lines, circle. The first 4-5 points or lines is blanked (depending on settings)(red circle on pictures). I thinking that this issue may be caused by the blanking settings. But I always had a program configured correctly.

    This problem can be seen not only in the abstract editor, but also on the preview window in other animations. Wherever there is a small number of points in the animation.

    Has anyone had this type of problem?

    For your information:
    - Win7 Pro 64bit
    - Laptop: Acer 5820TG
    - 6Gb Ram
    - QS version 2.6 build 393
    - 2 FB3 (firmware updated)

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  2. Aaron@Pangolin

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    Thank you for the report. I will have this looked at although I am not sure if it is an "issue" or just some anomaly when you reduce the number of points that low.

    I can see "it" when I go to edit the "Static’s" cue you highlighted. Something is visible when I reduce the main shape's points down to 5. It appears some sort of discrete fade is applied to a part of the frame.

    I will have this looked at to see what is occurring. :cool:
  3. scanlight

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    same problem here, have this problem for about 2 weeks now.
    Yes what you see on the screen is the same as the laser output.
    when i draw a straigt line. the first half is at 75% power and the rest 100% power
    have lasershow the next 2 weeks so i hope it can be fixed soon
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