Strangeness with touchscreen and universe

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    Wondering if this a known issue:

    I have various buttons that call pangoscript previously using OnChange without issues. Now I notice on my touchscreeen (either my toshiba touch laptop, or the touch external monitor I have) that I have to double-touch some of the buttons which use OnChange in order to get them to function. I've gotten several of the buttons to work by changing OnChange to OnMouseDown (as it appears that a touch doesn't result in a OnMouseUp event) but some buttons work better using OnChange and some better using OnMouseDown.

    It's very strange, has anyone else run into this behavior?


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    Hi Rick,

    Each component of BEYOND Universe has special list/buffer for incoming mouse messages. All messages are recorded and analyzed later, one by one, in order of appearance. If you see that no reaction on mouse up, or mouse down, then it means that the mouse message (touch screen message) did not come to BEYOND. I had some similar problems, not really similar, more like a "look alike" and because of that I made FIFO and separate processing. So, my guess - something before BEYOND lose the messages.


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    Understood. Thanks,