Stringing together "shows"

Discussion in 'Lasershow Designer QuickShow' started by Foxtrot7, Dec 15, 2011.

  1. Foxtrot7

    Foxtrot7 Member

    Is there a way to string together several shows to play one after vertual jockey does with standard cues?

    I'd like to play one show and have the next 3 play without me having to start each cue manually.

  2. smokeAndMirrors

    smokeAndMirrors Well-Known Member

    Nope, no way to do this in QS. Make one big show is the only way, methinks.
  3. Foxtrot7

    Foxtrot7 Member

    Tanks...S & M....(ha...just realized the funny in that...sorry)...whenever learning a new software, I hate the unknowing or whether or not its me.


  4. Aaron@Pangolin

    Aaron@Pangolin Staff Member

    You could line them up on a timeline but you'd have to edit the audio just right in another program to make a long audio file that synchs right. As long as you store each show in a cue you should be able to drag them onto the timeline (I might have to verify this, I am not 100% sure). :eek:
  5. Barrys

    Barrys New Member

    I've managed to link shows together but unfortunately there are consequenses. The process can and does manage to crash the software.

    Perhaps someone else can try this:
    Firstly link together your two or more music tracks which back the shows you want to link together (using something like Audacity).
    Then on the timeline, load up your first full show and attach the newly linked music on the timeline - the first show will match the first track of the music then the rest of the music tracks are on the timeline are empty of cues at this stage.
    Draw an empty event from the start of the next track (using the event drawing pen on the timeline menu) and make the empty event about the same length as the next track.
    Load your next show into a cue and then 'copy the contents' of this (on right click menu) and paste it into the empty event on the timeline. (I have had to ensure all zones are set to 1 on each track and on each show for this to work - so everything is the same).
    I have linked together 3 shows on the timeline this way and have run them - but I have not been able to save these linked shows or drag them to a cue (dragging to a cue causes an unrecoverable crash of the software). Consequently it's not very useful. Shame really because this would be a very useful feature.