Student Seeking Information on Laser Design

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    I am putting this question out here on the web, because it seems that I have reached a bit of a dead end in communicating with professionals on the subject of laser-show design and operation. I am a current student at Florida State University, and I am fascinated by the laser industry as a whole. I have experience in the entertainment industry, and I have had the fortunate experience to work as a lighting technician at theater as well as with some companies in South Florida.

    I am seeking more information on regulatory legislation, safety training, as well as general operation procedures regarding lasers in the entertainment industry. I attended LDI this past year, and met with several people whom specialized in the industry. I have contacted Patrick Murphy and Greg Makhov of the ILDA, and have made several attempts to get in contact with other companies. The information they have provided has helped me immensely. I hope to one day find my way into the incredible world of special effects engineering, where art and science meet in the form of fantastic display of ingenuity.

    Any information that could assist me to this end would be greatly appreciated. I am aware Pangolin is regarded as almost a display standard between laser professionals, and I hope that its users can provide me with some additional direction. Thank you all.

    ~Brian Gonzalez :N