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    So, I have been online looking around for lasers... China and the UK seem to be the only places I could find anything. Some time ago I remember searching and found companies in the US (and I mean only about 6 months ago) which I can't seem to find that produced 3D Full Color lasers in the 500/1000.00 range that did gorgeous effects for small to med size clubs. First question is can someone advise of some companies online that have lasers for sale in the US? OR brands abroad like Kam or something that are affordable and with in the range above? Also that are legal in the US?

    Really all they will be used for is an occasional frat party in a med size club (occupancy of 800 or so) and will be elevated 20 or so feet above the heads of patrons.

    I do want 3D, full color, and also want animation but trying not to break the 800.00 mark if possible. Used, scratched - I don't care... as long as it works properly!

    Also, how difficult is it to get approved in the US to use these? ILDA website makes it sound like a pain in the butt.

    Sorry for the stupid questions, just completely new to this.:confused: