Summing image of one frame onto another

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  1. Lasermaster1977

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    I'm an ol' laser dog trying to learn new tricks. Very new to QS. If I have a frame of four "dots" in quadrature (corners of a square), is there a way to "add/sum" another frame image or Quick Shape onto the "dots"?

    Lots to learn, but having a ball.
  2. Martin Kapp

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    Oldie here too,

    I'm guessing you want to add more to the quadrature output.

    If you go to Settings - Quick Setup, you need to chose advanced user, go through the other options and then OK - Then you'll get a Multi Cue button at the top, then you can add more effects playing at the same time :) have fun :)
  3. Lasermaster1977

    Lasermaster1977 New Member

    Thanks for you response Martin, but I've been on Advanced from the beginning. And multi-cue only strings cues end-to-end, just as Quick Capture does . Imagine this: One scanned image is four red dots at each corner of a square half-the size of the scan area. Never mind the frame rate of all the dots right now. But, each dot is repeated 100 times, in say 70 milliseconds and all dots are displayed in 4 x 70 milliseconds or 280 milliseconds. I have another image cue of a 5 pointed star that is drawn that is drawn in 10 milliseconds and I can make it any size I want. If these two images are mathematically summed together (as say an audio mixer would do with a response down to DC) it would mix the X of both images together and the Y images together. Assume I make the 5 pointed start only a few scan degrees in size compared to the 4 dots representing the corners of a square that is 20 scan degrees in size. The result would be a small 5 pointed star in the position of each of the four red dots, so the time spent originally drawing each dot is spent drawing a 5 pointed star at each dot location. You can get the same effect by simply drawing four 5 pointed stars in quadrature in the frame/animation editor, but then you cannot "grow" the stars onto each dot simultaneously without doing a whole lot of frame-to-frame animation. I understand Beyond has more capability than QS and I have the Beyond Demo. So I guess what I'm getting at is that the Abstract Generator, Quick Shape lets us "add" and "multiply" images together. It's a shame we cannot do it with frames and Cues, too.
  4. Martin Kapp

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    Have you had a look at the cues provided in the workspace? Specifically the ones in atmospherics. I can't see how to add a synthesised image to a blank cue in QS, the option seems to be missing, although you can edit a cue that is already one. It's a very powerful way to build up cues. On top of that you have quick FX that will then take the cue(s) playing and add modulation to them.

    You do get a lot more control with Beyond. I didn't realise how limited QS is until you made me look.
  5. Lasermaster1977

    Lasermaster1977 New Member

    Yes, I have looked at the workspace cue options, they don't provide this type of mixing. QS still has quite a bit of capability though for sure even with its limitations.