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Who could help me to show via Teamviewer how to create a Lasershow?

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  1. Yes, I can help you

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  2. No, this is not possible to directly copy files from Pangolin to SD card from lw

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  3. Yes, this is very easy. You just need to ... please further explain

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  4. Yes, I also have same equipment and can send you a lasershow which you can copy to SD card

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  1. DJ Jooboo

    DJ Jooboo Member

    Hi guys,

    I recently bought the lw 800 RGB showlaser + Pangolin Quickshow. I also have created a Trance soundfile where I would like to create a lasershow exactly matching to the beats.

    I have seen that Pangolin offers a time line to create a lasershow. However for playing the lasershow I do not want to bring my notebook, adapter with the Pangolin software to the event. I just would like to start the lasershow directly from the SD card. However Pangolin saves the lasershows in *.qshw format which the laser cannot read. So my question is how to convert those files from Pangolin so the laswer can read them.

    In case saving lasershows from Pangolin directly to SD card is not possible which other ways I could use?

    a) Is there a chance to get ready made lasershows from lw or the forum which I can copy on SD card?

    b) I have seen that LW offers its own software but it looks very complicated and I do not know which hardware do I need to connect it. If someone has experience with the LW Software this would be great. But I would prefer doing via Pangolin since it looks much easier.

    c) Since I am total beginner is there is anyone how has Pangolin and a laser from lw to show my to create a lasershow which matches / synchronizes exactly with the music beat? We can do via teamviewer or you can visit me in Neuss (near Düsseldorf). Of course I would pay for your support.

    You may also directly write to me

    Many thanks in advance
    DJ Jooboo
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  2. Bob@Pangolin

    Bob@Pangolin Staff Member

    Do you use an FB3 or FB4?
  3. DJ Jooboo

    DJ Jooboo Member

    I use FB3
  4. Bob@Pangolin

    Bob@Pangolin Staff Member

    This is not possible to export it to a card that is not a fb4.

    My question to you.. If you do not play the show from QuickShow, how do you intend to keep the music in sync?

    Answers on LW software we cannot provide.

    With QuickShow it is as easy as drag and drop on an audio file.

    For that you only need to follow the tutorial guide here

    Here the German tutorial series:

    This one covers the timeline :
  5. DJ Jooboo

    DJ Jooboo Member

    Many thanks for your support. If there is no other way with FB3 to use computer with Pangolin software then I will do in this way.
  6. DJ Jooboo

    DJ Jooboo Member

    3 more questions:

    1) Even Pangolin offers a lot of great cue's, are there more websites where I can can download cue's which I can use in Pangolin. Actually I need to prepare a James bond show and I am looking for some suitable cue's.

    2) The quick trace function does not really work well for importing pictures, even I tried to optimize with Photoshop filters. Is there any other software which creates nice shapes/bitmaps out of a photo?

    3) Apart from Pangolin cloud, are there more (professionell) lasershows available in the internet which can be imported to Pangolin? I noticed that many of the uploaded shows are not well synchronized with the music.

  7. Bob@Pangolin

    Bob@Pangolin Staff Member

    Have you checked out the Pangolin Cloud? Im almost certain that there are already James bond shows in there, or at least some cues that are suited for the job.

    Screenshot 2019-06-03 at 16.03.39.png

    BEYOND offers more functionality in this direction. Use as few colors as possible.
    Screenshot 2019-06-03 at 16.05.57.png

    There are, there are several companies that sell shows for Pangolin software Online. Almost everyone uses our software and hardware. But laserists tend to keep their created materials private. You might want to get in touch with other laserists by visiting a lem or visiting a big laser forum as photonlexicon.


    If the audio of a show is not in sync, you probably have the wrong audio file.
    Also note that MP3's with a variable bitrate is asking for problems as not every computer plays mp3's the same way. (This has to do with compression and the prediction algorithm).
    My advice is to create / convert everything to .wav.
  8. DJ Jooboo

    DJ Jooboo Member

    Hi I have checked the cloud and only found very few shows which are suitable for James Bond. I wonder if there are any more shows to download except in the cloud? But you mentioned already this website photonlexikon which I will explore later.

    One reasons for the sync problems may be related to the mp3 file format. But I also noticed that several laswershows not really good in sync with the correct song version. Maybe the one did not pay so much attention to a good sync. But also there a lot of different versions from the same song available. It is then not easy to find the correct song from Spotify or whereever.