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    Can anyone tell me are AIFF metadata audio files supported by Beyond and do they hold sync properly on the timeline?

    I know MP3's time slip and WAVS hold sync.

    The issue I have with WAV's is without metadata they all look the same in your music folder making it very hard to pick out the tracks you want to play.

    AIFF on the other hand are uncompressed like WAV but hold meta data and album cover art.

    However, I'm unsure as to whether or not Beyond a) supports them, and b) whether they sync.

    As tracks are expensive, I don't want to buy a shed load of AIFF files only to find they won't work with Beyond.

    If you're not familiar with AIFF and need a test track, Beatport sells AIFF format files (you need to choose the format option next to the track name in your cart).
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    Anyone? (10 characters)
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    Dear White-Light,

    There are multiple factors that influence the final result, all together, and one by one. The soundcard is important, codecs too, level of compression and so on. It is not really right to say that all MP3 has a problems, some – yes, some – no. There is a format and there are settings.

    General advice – as a rule, less compressed files work better.

    AIFF in the list of supported file formats. I recommend to test ONE file in your PC and see how well it works for you.

    Can you please explain why you need many audio files? What do you want to do? The best situation is when used one media file.

    Best Regards,
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    Hi Alexey,

    The reason for changing file formats fron WAV's is simply because of the meta data aspect - it displays track sleeves on the file icon and that fact makes it much easier to find artists and tracks in a folder as the files don't all look the same ie all plain white in the file folder.

    I understand AIFF are uncompressed like WAV's but I was unsure what effect the meta data might have on Beyond as I don't know if there are mulitple versions of AIFF as there are with some other music file formats and so if they were recognised in all their forms.