Sync Beyond with grandMA2onPC ?

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  1. AKDV

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    Hi everybody.
    I am searching for a way to syncronize beyond with grandMAonPC2.
    Beyond controls video, audio and laser, grandMA all DMX.
    MTC? Software?
    Any ideas ?

  2. ENOT

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    Hi Florian

    ArtNet time code, or MIDI time code.

    Pay attention on one detail. BEYOND can synchronize “laserâ€￾ and other similar parts of timeline to audio/video Events on the timeline. In this case audio/work as a source of timecode. When you supply the timecode into BEYOND externally (MIDI and so on), then BEYOND will start audio/video Events, but it will not synchronize audio/video to incoming timecode. I recommend you consider such model where the timecode will some from audio/video and DMX and Laser will follow it. In such case you will not have audio related problems.

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  3. AKDV

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    Thx so far.

    Now i need a software for Mac that plays audio/video and generates MTC :(
    Not so easy to find.....
  4. Koja

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    If the audio/video playback functionality of Beyond is sufficent for your purposes, think about using Beyond as the master and the grandMA2 as a slave. You can program all your lighting cues in the grandMA2 and use the Artnet-input for triggering. You can easily map all Executor Buttons to Artnet Channels, so sending 100% on some DMX channel via Artnet can trigger a cue, a cuelist or even longer Macros on the console. You just put the Artnet triggers in your Beyond Timelines.

    As a audio/video/tiemcode source for the Mac, QLab would be the software to use. I never used it with video, but audio and timecode works really nice!
  5. AKDV

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    I never used i dont know how to use it.
  6. Koja

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    Triggering stuff with Artnet is simple, especially with the grandMAs.

    If you do not use a grandMA console (they have a dedicated artnet network Port) but their pc software, make sure your windows PC has an IP in the 2.x.x.x range (that is the Artnet network range, this can be a second IP on the same Interface, no need for a second network adapter). Connect theconsole/laptop and the Beyond laptop via normal network.

    You can map any Artnet universe to an universe in the grandMa ( , so just take a unused universe to map it.
    Then use the "DMX remotes" function to map the incoming DMX channels to Executor buttons (, it is very simple and straight forward.

    i.e. map Artnet Universe 2 to MA-Universe 2, set the DMX input channels 1-10 on universe 2 to the GO-Buttons of executors 1-10 and off you go. Program a cue on Executor 1 and send out DMX channel 1 on universe 2 with Beyond, the cue starts. You can also map the channels to Flash-Buttons and trigger these via Beyond. Or map the DMX value to an intensity value...
  7. ENOT

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    Recent version of BEYOND has timecode output, MTC and ArtNet timecode. This version is not published yet, but I can provide a link to exe file for test purpose. Let me know.

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  8. Can somebody tell me, how to start the executor from my timeline?
    I use the essentials version