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    Hi Mate's

    I have a small question with big problem's....

    I need to sync both lasershow,sound,video and pyroshow for a large display fireworks .

    Pyrosystem: pyromate smartfire with NO smpte function

    Videosource: standard windows mediaplayer

    Soundcourse: The sound will be send from the pyromate system

    Laser: LD2000 .....

    Because there is no SMPTE on the pyromate is it possible to trigger LD2000 (start the scene) with a outside trigger source (4ms @ 24V) (output of the pyromate sequencer) and have LD2000 trigger the start function of windows media player?

    I now it is much easyer to work with SMPTE for tis problem but the pyro guy's won't buy a SMPTE module for this job........

    Best Regards
    Claes Jeroen
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    You can record on the music an extra track with timecode on it
    If the pyro have only 2 channels sound card than the music will be on the left and timecode on the right

    So the pyro will run the music left channel will go to the sound system and right channel will go to your timecode device

    Regarding video – if the pyro can run media player it is best – of course he will need a dual video card in his computer – but running media player on full screen on monitor 2 is a problem because you might see the scroll tab on the video screen
    Quick time will solve that

    On the other hand you can have the video in Showtime
    For best result use Showtime_M which you will find on the LD2000 folder
    In that version of Showtime you can move the video window to monitor 2 and with right click you can hide the blue frame around it

    If you have problems with the video in Showtime you can
    1 Convert it to mpeg
    2 lower the resolution
    3 lower the bit rate

    Good luck
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    SMPTE timecode

    hi aricha,

    they do NOT have a timecode [SMPTE] reader--therefore the problem ;)

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    I think i'me going to use the GPI to MIDI converter

    To Jeroen VDV :

    Do you have any experience using this device?
    and have a idea where i can buy one?

    contact me @