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    Hi all

    I'm doing a large-scale animation show this New Year's Eve, and I want to take out the possibility of any timing errors.

    I have a 4 hour show, with a countdown, that needs PERFECT (or as close as possible) synchronisation with my clients clock.

    I am wanting to trigger the show with my computer clock. Is this possible in Beyond? I.e. the show starts at 8 pm without pressing a button.

    That way, if the computer dies, or a button gets bumped etc, restarting the show will restart from the point where the show should be at that time.

    There is no way that I'm risking getting a signal over a network to trigger the show! Especially on NYE.

    If Beyond can't do this, I am thinking to write a small patch in PureData to achieve it by sending a MIDI signal at the correct time.

    Thanks for reading, and any responses and guidance is much appreciated. Apologies if this has already been asked - I haven't been able to find it on the forums though.



    I've just found the video tutorial on this topic!
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