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  1. Beammeup

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    For a project I need to synchronise video and laser. For example a laserbeam following a moving ball in the video.

    How can I do this so that the laserbeam exactly (without any delay) follows the ball? Is there a tutorial video available?

    Thanks in advance.

  2. aricha

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    You can run the video in your timeline in the AV track.
    Or you can use timecode to synchronise your show to the console that is runing the video
  3. Beammeup

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    Hi Aricha,

    Thanks for your reply.
    I ran a simple video of a moving ball from left to right in the AV track. After that I made some frames (in the frame editor) also moving from left to right. Problem is that the ball and circle are not moving synchronised (see screenshot). Do you have a solution for this?

    Using timecode I have not yet tried. I presume that I need to buy new equipment for that?


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  4. aricha

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    First use Avi or wmv file for your video and set the beat rate for a permanent number.
    Mp4 have a variable beat rate.
    Second if the ball movement in the video is at the same speed all the way then in the frame editor you make just one frame.
    Than in the timeline use the position effect with one key at the start and position the laser frame on the video.
    Stretch the length of the laser event to the length of the ball movement - not necessarily the length of the video file.
    Make a second key at the end of the laser event and position the laser frame on the ball.
  5. Beammeup

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    Thanks again. I will try this.
    Later on, when I manage to follow the moving ball from left to right, I will try to follow more complex movements in video files.