Synchronize Audio to Beyond BPM

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    Well, i did not found an introduction about how to set up an AudioInput based MIDIClock to trigger the Beyond-BPM.
    At first you need a few Software-Parts:
    - Wavesum Waveclock, it is available for Mac and Win and costs 59€. You could get a free test version here
    - Further you need Midiyoke (
    Now install both of the programs.
    Maybe you need to restart your system a few times.
    After that start WaveClock and go to Files -> Settings
    As input choose your audio source.
    As output you should now see a few midi yoke out ports.
    choose one of them (you should remember the number later ;))
    now start your Beyond and go to settings->midisettings->device-settings
    And now choose a free midi port where you could select your midi yoke port as a midi in.
    close your settings, right click on bpm and choose "activate midi input to set bpm".
    Now your BPM should automatically be set to the bpm of the music.
    Hope it help, and hope you understand my english

    EDIT: Well there is now a video available for you :) Midi
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    Hey, Bankaifan! I would be grateful if you share Waveclock for Windows (Wavesum unfortunately removed from its website the Windows version)
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    Is this needed installed on the laptop running beyond 4? or is this a beyond 3 thing?
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    Is the feature integrated yet? I've been trying to figure out how to get live audio to set the master BPM but no luck...
    I can get the audio working through channels and route it to effects no problem, but i can't find a way to have live audio set the master BPM? Seems like a pretty basic function, i'm surprised it's not supported. Am i missing something?