Synchronizing Light Software with Beyond

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  1. Stingray

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    Synchronizing Light Software with Beyond - How To Do?


    in the next show that I serve we need controlling of lasers AND complex light.
    So I want to use my favorite programs "Pangolin Beyond" and "DreamSolutions LightFactory".

    Now there are three questions:

    1) Is it possible to run both programs coincidental on one laptop with one software running the music and timeline-programmed cues in the foreground and the other software covered behind the first and controlled with a MIDI-controller (like APC 40 or BCF2000) to trigger the cues (or fade the subgroups for lights)?
    - Is this possible?
    - Will the power of the laptop be enough for running both programs (it´s an ASUS laptop with Intel core i7, 24GB RAM and SSD-drive running on Windows 8.1)?

    2) Would it be possible to synchronize BOTH programs to the music, e.g. running the complete lasershow with music on Beyond and LightFactory is "listening" to the timecode of Beyond to synchronize a timecode-programmed lightshow or conversely (like it is possible to do between LightFactory and Winamp)??

    3) As the top solution it would be fine to also run Winamp on the laptop as a master for music and Beyond as well as LightFactory will synchronize their timecode-programmed shows to the timecode of Winamp (so while the show is running, I only have to start the different songs in Winamp)?

    Does anybody have experiences in this item and can help me out?

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  2. ENOT

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    Hi Reinhardt,

    I recommend to place the music tracks into BEYOND timeline, and enable timecode out for the show. Latest version has it, I will send you the link. In Configuration set timecode as MIDI TIME CODE (MTC). Also, I would test LoopBe1, send timecode to virtual port and read MTC in LightFactory.

    The second solution is symmetrical. If LightFactory can generate MTC and take care about audio track, then BEYOND can follow the timecode.

    Best Regards,

  3. Stingray

    Stingray Beta Tester

    Hi Alexey,

    thank you for fast reply :)

    Since what build ("latest version" release or beta?) is MTC integrated in Beyond software?
    (I´m in your beta-mailing-list so I should already have this version).

  4. ENOT

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    Hi Reinhardt,

    MTC Out integrated into BEYOND. Check Timeline Properties, and Configuration dialog. I recommend to take latest build mentioned in beta-mailing list. Let me know if you will detect any problem. This is good beta test scenario.


  5. Stingray

    Stingray Beta Tester

    Yes, now I saw that´s integrated since build 629.

    I will test this item intensive, but tomorrow I have a show and then I´m on vacancy.

    I´ll try when I´m back and give you feedback...
  6. hitekvoop

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    I'm in the same boat regarding timecode sync. Mine will be from an external source via MTC. I am currently looking for an appropriate hardware interface, but I would also like to have the latest build. I am on 612 at the moment. Please PM me link.

    Thanks in advance,