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  1. andyhebberd

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    What is the difference between a "synthesized Image" and an animation?
    How do I create a new Synthesized image? If I right click on an empty cue I am not presented with this option...

  2. smokeAndMirrors

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    An animation is a series of frames which are played back in sequence. It is "discrete" in that each frame represents a step in time. Each frame contains a series of points or lines that the laser "draws".

    A synthesised image is based on geometric primitives (which may include points and lines but could also be circles or triangles). These can be manipulated in real time to alter their geometry, position, rotation, colour or other attributes.

    For some reason I cannot draw out of the developers, the option to create a new synthesised image is never presented in Quickshow (should hope that it's in Beyond though!). To create one you need to copy of an existing synthesised image cue and either delete or adapt the content.
  3. andyhebberd

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    Thanks for your answer - it now makes sense!
    I had discovered that the, seemingly, only way to create a new synthesized image was to copy a current one and then edit it. The manual says otherwise.
    Is it something they (Pangolin) are likely to change in an update?

  4. smokeAndMirrors

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    You have to be a bit careful, as there as also things called "abstracts" which are the components of synthesised images that you CAN create without having to copy and edit. I have personally asked for the developers to add the "Create Synthesised Image" menu item as it seems fairly straightforward. I too am hoping a subsequent release will include it.
  5. Marcus Mac

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    Create Synthesised Image is STILL missing...