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  1. phmn36741

    phmn36741 New Member

    Hello,I am QuickShow user.
    I have question.
    How can I make Synthesized image?:confused:
  2. masterpj

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    Hello phmn36741 what exactly do you mean with a synthesized image?
    - you mean realtime visualisation to music?
    - just drawing an image?

    Can you define synthesized?
    Then I might be able to assist you with this.
  3. phmn36741

    phmn36741 New Member


    There is the following type in the kind of CUE.

    Frame,QuickText,QuickShape,Timeline show,QuickBeams,Advanced Clock,
    QuickDMX, Synthesized Image, Sequence of cues, Capture

    I can play cue Synthesized Image and Sequence of cues by using the pre-set.
    But,I don't know how to make new it from the beginning.
  4. smokeAndMirrors

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    A glaring omission is the ability to create a synth image from scratch. However, you can get the same result by copying an existing synth image, clearing it out and then adding your desired components.

    William, Alexey - any chance of getting a "Create new synth image" menu item?
  5. kofilla

    kofilla New Member

    did u find how to make synthesized image from beginning?
  6. whiteg

    whiteg Well-Known Member

    The Synthesized image is Cue type.
    Each cue can contain a Frame (or animation), Text, Shape (abstract), Timeline-based show, Beam
    sequence, Clock, DMX sequence, Synthesized image, a Sequence of other cues, or a Capture (many
    other cues triggered simultaneously). In the lower left corner of each cue, you will see an icon. The icon
    indicates what the cue contains. Below you will see a list of icons and the corresponding type of image.


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  7. Mntgoat

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    Agreed. I have never seen how to create a synthesized image from scratch, and it appears to be an oversight.
    To create them I simply copy an existing cue that contains a synthesized image, then edit it. When you're on the editing screen you can then create new synthesized images from scratch.
  8. Aaron@Pangolin

    Aaron@Pangolin Staff Member

    The ability to create this type of image has been removed; you can edit an existing synth image but you can no longer create one from scratch.