Take workspace to another computer - zone definitions missing?

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    Hi QS2 Users,

    After about a month of playing with QS2 I have a question which remain answered by included doco and videos.

    In my garage while developing laser shows, I use a desktop WinXp system however when I go out to play warehouse parties, etc I take my Mac Book Pro running a Bootcamped WinXP installation. I have QS2 installed and functioning on both systems.

    Recently I tried taking just my Workspace file from the desktop system to the laptop however most cues would not launch (grey preview window) which I discovered was due to the workspace file not including my Projection zones. I could get going again by manually visiting each cue and reassigning the zones however that was very time consuming. The Projection Zones were named differently on my Desktop compared to my Laptop (which I feel is the cause of the problem) however I thought a Workspace file captured "everything"?

    The Projection Zones most be stored in another file which it seems I would need to transfer to the laptop system along with the Workspace file. Which is it and what path will I find that file?
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    The fastest way to copy your zone settings is,

    Open QuickShow,
    Go to settings
    Go to projection zones

    When opened, in the top left corner you find a menu called "File" ,
    There you can create a new, save the current and load another file.
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