Takes a good video from lasershow

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by carlettodj, Oct 25, 2011.

  1. carlettodj

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    I would like to improve my laser video quality. DO U know wich photocam or videocam who take a very good video from lasershow?

    I would like to take a lot of good video from show of halloween my biggest one :)

    Thanks a lot
  2. Aaron@Pangolin

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    The main problem with taking video of lasers is cameras do not capture light like the human eye; they don't have persistence of vision like we do which is why laser videos flicker so much.

    I am sure there is a "best camera" for capturing lasers but even the best isn't going to come close to looking how we see lasers look like; unfortunately I have no suggestions... :eek:
  3. Lasersource

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    There is no cam as good as your eye.
    But we have very good experience with Canon photocamera's.
    Movie: link to youtube

    This movie is one of our shows caputered with a canon photo cam. This is not a very profesional cam. a cam that everybody can buy for a very nice price (Someone borrowed my cam, so i can see the 'sub' brand tonight)
    The lasers were very good visible, but when the lightengineer started to strobe with the strobes or movingheads the laser looks like off. but they were pretty good visible there.

    - first part of the movie, light were off :) very good visible, was very nice moment for the lasershow
    - Arround 40 seconds, the light going on. lasers are still good visible for the the eyes, we could see the lasers the same as in the start (when the lights are off)
    - at 2.30 min. i used only the 3rd QM board. 2 small lasers next to the DJ. So it is right you see only a few beams left and right.

    This was a large outdoor dance event in The Netherlands.
    Pangolin LivePro with 3 QMboards
    6 lasers (2 full colour, 4 green)

    Lasers are only visible with smoke, so 10.500W for smoke machines :) (in this movie they were on for 10% to a max of 20% i think) 100% was way to much :)
  4. carlettodj

    carlettodj Member

    Could u tell me which canon model is? I Have a very big event on 31/10 so I could buy today :)

    Thanks a Lot
  5. Lasersource

    Lasersource Well-Known Member

    No problem,
    I'm using a Canon Ixus 210 IS. Very happy with it.

    1 thing, on the backside is a touchscreen, if you are working with light, sound, laser or something, your hands get some diirty by the cable's, beer (all DJ's want to have beer, it falls and we have to take our cables away with beer on it :S) but than you have to watch out with the screen.

    but i like the came very much. long battery lifetime and good photo's and also 720P video filming for an very good price :)
  6. MeaningOfLights

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    Thanks, I wish I read this thread before NYE.

    None of the vids turned out well and I have a Canon Ixus sitting in a draw:(
  7. masterpj

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    Aaron it would be good to get a camera without a rolling shutter *majority of cameras* but a global shutter. Which will get rid of the weird effect seen on recordings.. problem is that these kind of cameras are VERY expensive.
  8. EXP_LAB

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