targeted beams from three projectors

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    I am wanting to set up three projectors using 2 x fb3 and 1 x fb4 all shooting beams to different targets.4 or 5 targets per projector using quick targets for timed sequences, I want to activate the three projectors all at exactly the same time,... ,How would I achieve this?
    Also I am not exactly sure how to set it up in the zoning.. would i make three seperate zones for each projector?
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    Hello Marc,

    It might benefit you, if you will also watch the tutorial series of QuickShow. QuickShow lays at the base of BEYOND and these topics are extensively covered on this youtube playlist:

    But to point you directly to the right tutorials :

    This is a video tutorial how to control multiple projectors:

    This is a video how to setup zones to mach up with Projectors.

    You will only need one projection zone per projector, but you could also use the QuickTargets for this purpose: