Targets and beam position ?

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    When I use Targets and beam position 1 to 8 in the interface QS WORKSPACE 2.0, I can't see the laser..just a short point (0.001 s). The point stop immediatly :confused:.Is it for security ? :eek:

    With two targets I have not the problem....:cool:


    Interface FBQS with laser RGB ILDA 500 mW

    Thank you to help me :)-@
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    It could be a "feature" of your laser. We have one here that will not display a single beam, or any frame thats smaller than a certain size. I think the projector does this for "safety" reasons.

    I suggest drawing a circle or basic shape then slowly drag the live control "size" sliders down to reduce the size of the frame to see if your projector "clips" the frame after it gets to a certain size.
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    Hello good idea :) I'll try... thank you for your answer.:D. I would tell you if it works (~
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    Hello Again, It's good idea ! It's work Thank you for help me ! :)