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    Did anybody managed to connect TC2000 to a laptop with a serial to USB cable
    The cable comes with cd for setup
    I have tried with XP and with Vista but no luck
    The cable does work with a modem serial to USB
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    which software do you use?
    I workes with the AutoPlay some weeks ago and I used a TC simulator via USB to make AutoPlay run to my simulated TC data.
    The problem may be the COM port number. AutoPlay searches for the TC device COM1-4, ONLY.
    If you use an USB cable, the USB driver provides a virtual COM Port. The Port numbers are higher than 4 in most cases as windows assigns them automatical.
    If you want AutoPlay to find the TC device, you must re-assign the provided virtual COM port to a low number COM1 to 4.
    This re-assignment is possible with most adapters. I do not have an english windows on site right now. Must be like Windows Explorer, "Systemsteuerung", System, Hardware, Device manager, USB to COM device properties, advanced options, provided COM Port. There should be a drodown box. Re-assign to low Port. Click OK, OK, OK. Then disconnect USB device and reconnect. Final re-assignment is done upon next connect, so you MUST disconnect and reconnect.

    I have not tried it with ShowTime, but the problem may be the same.
    Communication between TC and the Pangolin Software is ASCII only. No bit-bang. So USB adapter should work as long as the COM is 1 to 4.