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    Hi all,

    It must be 10 years ago that I started to get interested in lasers. I spent a lot of time on different forums, learning what needed to be learned. Saving some money to start buying the good stuff. when I finally decided to build my own. William gave us hobbyists a nice deal on the FB3 and the software.
    Anyway, the hobby lasted for only 2 years. Bought a house, got kids, meaning my "man cave" suddenly became a second child bedroom, etc...
    The laser was put in the attic to never be seen again :(

    It was only days ago when my 7 year old son saw this youtube video of the worlds greatest EDM festival (Tomorrowland), telling me how cool it all looked.

    I looked him in the eye and said, I might have something of a surprise for you. IF it all still works that is... it used to be win xp, now its win10x64. I didn't have high hopes really. Anyway, we'll see!

    Climbed up the attic, found my laser and smoke machine, dusted it all off and brought it down.

    I was pleasantly surprised that Quickshow was still available!
    And what do you know, it actually installed on Win10.
    And.. it found my FB3.. and it installed drivers without any problems.
    I've been long enough in the IT business to not take those things for granted.

    It took a while before I got used to the quickshow interface again, but lo and behold, my laser projector still works!!! Queue the smoke machine and let the show begin!!

    My son was amazed with what he saw. He had the urge like anyone else to stick his hand out, like you can touch the beam :)
    I was amazed with how much content actually got delivered with the latest quickshow.
    I was amazed that after 10 years, the pangolin goodies all still worked, and was still under active development!

    So, for you Pangolin, I take my hat off, bow down and respectfully say,

    Thank you
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    Everyone @ Pangolin wishes dad and son all the best luck in their (re-)new(ed) found hobby. Make sure that you download the latest version! We are prepping new versions with more functions than ever before..
    The current assumption is that we will release this pretty soon!

    Lets exploit this opportunity to get a new junior Laserist into the market! :)

    Best luck to everyone there!! And watch out for those curious young eyes!! Some things you can better NOT look in to!
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    Dear HighVolt,

    Thank you for your kind words about our software, and we are happy to hear that everything is working out for you.

    To be honest, it's not surprising to me that our software worked as expected (or as unexpected). It's more surprising for me to hear that your projector still works! Many scanner manufacturers foolishly use oil in the bearings instead of grease. The oil evaporates over time and then the bearings seize. You either have a higher quality projector or got a bit lucky!

    You might have your son play around with QuickShow and see what he can do. In fact, he can try it with no instruction what so ever and I bet he will be successful!

    The other day a colleague told me a story where he brought QuickShow and a laser projector to a party and set it up and let it run in automatic mode, generated what amounted to "electric wallpaper". At a certain point in time, he said he looked up and saw the projector showing things he'd never seen before. Text, logos, etc. He went to look at the computer (which was located upstairs) and discovered that a few kids found the laptop running QuickShow and started playing with it. They created new graphics using the drawing program, generated some scrolling text, and even auto-traced a bitmap.

    If you poke around on this forum, you'll find another individual kind of complaining about the QuickShow user interface -- that it looks a bit simple and dated. But when folks like you and even kids are having fun with it, this really demonstrates why we designed QuickShow to look and work the way it does. None of this is a coincidence or mere luck, but absolutely by design.

    The other day Justin and I did an analysis that showed that people purchase our software once, and then get around 15 years worth of value from Pangolin products. Seeing that you dusted it off after 10 years, shows the longevity. By the way, in a few weeks we're releasing version 3.0 which will be a major update.

    Best regards,

    William Benner
  4. Highvolt

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    Hi William,

    I guess I was lucky then. I assembled the laser myself with components that came from everywhere. I remember that my galvo's came from lasershowparts. (ScanPro20)
    Speaking of drying up bearings, is there anything I can do for maintenance ?

  5. Pangolin

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    Hi Wim,

    There's not much you can do, other than keep an eye on them, and rotate them with the power off while feeling how smoothly they rotate. Since it is impossible for you (and probably me too) to determine what kind of lube is in the bearing (other than grease or oil), it means that it is also impossible for you to replenish the lubricant in the bearing with something that would be compatible.

    I'm not familiar with Scan Pro 20s.

    Best regards,

    William Benner
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    Great to see another old school enthusiast return to the action! And now on a rainy day you and your Son have a shared hobby to have fun.