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    Dear Laser Users,

    I represent a crew developing a new website with the aim to be the #1 resource for laser and outline animation on the web. The site is still in its infancy, but we already have a growing library of nearly 45,000 frames. All animations are in the .LDS format, and are available for download purchase through pay-pal & credit card. We are still evaluating our pricing structures.

    We want to grow the site into a marketplace where designers & animators a like can share their content and earn by posting their own animations and content to the site. We are developing this at the moment, but if you are interesting in putting your content on the site, please contact us at

    We have great plans for the site, and hope that it can drive and renew vigour into the Laser industry, by allowing users to have acces to better animations and inturn give the world more beautiful and stunning laser shows.

    The site can be found at: