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    Ok whole afternoon wasted on trying to fix the issue. last night it was working fine. The time code icon on the the top bar "TC IN" is grayed out and nothing I do seems to fix it. Green TC display comes on and goes off by enabling/disabling. TC IN has no life and timeline no longer triggers when sending the string. TC2000 red light comes (read) Green display starts running.
    No matter what I do even a full uninstall/Re seems to have any effect. TC IN never goes away. turn off, unplug, restart, check scripts even deleted some programs that I knew would have no effect but just in case. The icon is frozen and gray, Wont work and wont go away.:sillylol: Please help
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    I'm an idiot. File>Show Properties
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    Noooo, if you were that, you would probably still be looking. ;) By figuring it out, you have uplifted yourself to... something higher. :cool: