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    Hi All,

    So the functions I really want to map are on the Time Control tab in some versions, and in others on the Master tab. In my version (2.0 SLE) they are on the Time Control tab. I can't figure out what command would map to the spinning disc, as well as the Reverse Playing Cues button. As a matter of fact, I wouldn't mind being able to map all 4 of the buttons on that tab. Anyone have any ideas? If I can get the spinning disc mapped to an encoder and the others mapped to buttons, I'll be a happy clam. I've looked at Master Clock Shift and Master Beat Shift, and neither of them are really the same thing as this spinning disc. Also, can't find a command to Reverse Cue Playback to save my life.
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    I'm interested to know if what he's asking is possible as well...
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    Just as it says...
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    General advice for people who look for name of command. Configuration dialog has option in Laser Preview: Display internal BEYOND Commands. Enable it and scroll DJ disk, you will see a command name with arguments. It work for all commands. This is a "hook" that display internal commands in a text/script form.