TIme Line show DMX & control of volume

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  1. zerowaitstate

    zerowaitstate Well-Known Member

    Currently i have an audio clip being triggered via DMX.

    DMX server is on

    a Show file is copied to a cue

    the Cue is triggered by Obsinian Onyx console page xyz , cue xx

    is it possible to have the volume in a time line effected by a DMX channel ? using pango script?

    all help appreciated
  2. Igor Strakhov

    Igor Strakhov Staff Member

    Hi, Zerowaitstate!
    This is possible using the DMX to Pango Script code function.
    Watch this video to learn more about this feature.
  3. zerowaitstate

    zerowaitstate Well-Known Member

    excellent this will make my life easier, cheers!