Time Line Syncing to Beat or other Method?

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    I am relatively new to Pangolin, though I have 16 years experience with lighting and sound for live shows.

    I mainly use my lasers for DJ shows, and have to mix on the fly.

    I want to build some preset sequences that I can trigger at certain points of a show.

    For example: I want to build a sequence that has short bursts of different laser effects, that I would start just as the DJ drops the beat.

    I have been able to build the exact type of sequence I want to using the Quick Timeline (this is very intuitive).

    For Example: I have a basic point cycle, and then configure it so that at time 0s it has a size of 0% and at time 1s it has a size of 90% and then get this to repeat a few times, before switching to a different effect.

    What I want to know is:
    Is it possible to swap the 'diversions' in the quick Timeline from units of Seconds to units of Beats.
    So in the above example, I would set at beat 0 size 0% and at beat 2 size 90%, and so on.
    This would mean that I can sync the sequence to whatever BPM I set globally, allowing me to match the sequence to what the DJ is playing at the time.

    2) If the Quick Timeline can not be used in this way, is there another approach I can take that will give me the same affect?

    Many Thanks
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    Found it.

    Menu -> Show Priorities -> BPM.

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