Timeline, adding effects

I have just started my first timeline. Is there a way to use the quick effects? Is there a way to make the effects react to a tempo that I set? Is there an FAQ or help file? I have tried the youtube tutorials but they are blurry.
There is no way to use a QuickFX on a Timeline; QuickFX are for live "work". You can copy what a QuickFX is doing and create a "normal" effect with it that you can use on your timeline. Just right click on the QuickFX and check out the different options.

Where are you setting your "tempo"? There is a BPM setting for Timeline shows in the Show Properties (from within the Timeline File menu) which should impact your effect if it is set up for beat timing as opposed to... time... timing. :D

We are working on a Multimedia Timeline tutorial currently.
Is there another way to manipulate a finished Timeline show live? If I play a timeline graphics show, I can use the APC40 to scale, move, fade etc. So some FX are able to be applied to the Timeline live. But if I want to perform more complicated FX and QuickFX doesn't apply to timeline, is there another method? I'd like to be able to change the Hue, switch inverts, and reroute to different zones live while a timeline show is playing.
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Recommended timeline tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vJrxj9VURbM

Using QuickFX on the timeline was possible, but currently blocked and not recommended. I recommend to use Effect List or Effects inside the Events.

Timeline use own BPM, see Show Properties dialog. There is ability to follow system BPM, but it influence beat-portion of time. As you probably noticed, BEYOND operate with dual time - seconds and beats. So, beats may be variable, but time/seconds remain the speed.

Timeline live... timeline is a container, container of Images and Effects. A lot of Effects has "Input" button, looks like green spectrum. Some Images are interactive too. Similar story with the Channels. Channels can be used in many places, and you can control them externally.

If Timeline saved in the cue, then you may use Cue Live Control and Cue Effects, and operate with a whole timeline.

There are other ways but it a bit more tricky because it based on Object model.

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I had just watched the video earlier, it is great. And your reply helps as well, I think using the Effects List will work for what I'm trying to do. I'll experiment more.
OK, Great. Early version used Grid and FX. It is the first idea that comes. The problem appear when you want to save the show and use it outside of workspace. Of, if you change workspace and it indirectly change the effects/cues used on the timelime. BEYOND still allow to use Cues from workspace on the timeline, but, if you do this, then keep this Show inside workspace. Well, this direction seems not really well balanced. Now the show has Cue List and Effect list. Both saved inside the Show. And, it is a "replacement" of Workspace and FX. There are commands in Timeline menus that allow move the content between Workspace, Event and Cue/Effect list.

Anyway, you may drag&drop effect from FX to timeline. After that, in context menu there is "Move Effect to Effect List". This is for the case if you need to use this effect (without duplicated) in multiple places.

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The idea is to create a show that works by itself with no user input. But to add a layer of live controls so if the user wants to manipulate it live to make each performance unique it is easy.
OK. Complete installer of 690 with documentation available for download. Take a look at PDF about Realtime audio input. It also give hint about external control. Also, I recommend to take a look at channels tab that has a slider that allow to mix channel based and time based control. Timeline is time based thing. Channel is opposite, oriented on manual control. Do a simple test with oscillating effect, you will see how it works.

Ok, I think I've figured out how to trigger the effects I want. Except for zone routing. There isn't an Input control on the Zone Routing section. Can that be added? Then I can set up several different Replace Zone effects that can triggered by different buttons on the APC40?