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    Is there way to auto update cue in timeline when i make changes in workspace.i does update if i dont close the beyond software...but once i close the software and open again...it doesnt update when i make a changes in workspace...i had to drop every workspace cue on timeline again for changes to take an effect...
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    Save workspace and save the show before closing Beyond
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    no it dosent change even after i save workspace and show....it should have an auto update option when i adjust my workspace cue...
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    no solution ..anyone??
  5. lasershow-creation

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    Hi, to change the cues from timeline in "real time" (so that every change in cue will respond directly in time line effect), do not change the cues in workspace, but inside the "cue list" --> this is visible in lower area in timeline mode... here you´ll find every cue that is included in your timeline.

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    Hi Tobias thank you this is what i was looking for.....you save lots of my time ...