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    I am working on exporting a show in Beyonds Timeline. The show length is about an hour and a half. For technical reasons, the show needs to be run on Showtime instead of Beyond. I usually export shows I do in Beyond into the .LDS format and re-time in Showtime. However I am running into a limitation in version 676. The export time cuts off at 1 hour. It won't allow exporting of any frames past the 1 hour mark.

    Is there a known workaround to this? I looked in the Beyond.INI file but couldn't find any setting for this.
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    Screenshot is attached.

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    Yes, right, but this is simple to change. How many hours you need? I set to 2, but let me know if you need more.

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    2 hours would be a good start. Is this a configuration option that can be set?