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    I'm a newbie at this.. so please be patient. I currently own a Reke RGB500 projector and using Quickshow 2.0. Everything seems to be working fine except when using the timeline and using the fade in/fade out keyframing.. it is not translating to the projector. It shows on the laser output on the computer but the transition is not showing on the actual projection. It simply just cuts to the next scene without the fade. Is this a limitation of my projector? I know it's a low end projector.. but it is enough to serve my current needs for display. The other transitions work ok when not using the timeline.
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    It sounds like that projector is "TTL modulation" -
    which means the lasers are either completely on, or completley off, and will give you seven different color combinations.

    To get fade effects, you need lasers with "analog modulation", which gives variable intensity on each laser, fade effects, and quite a few more color combinations.

    You can still use "zoom" and "swipe" transitions with TTL - just no fades.

    To test verify whether yours is TTL or analog, select a cue from the grid, and move the "brightness" control of the live controls tab -
    if the laser intensity gradually changes, it's analog; if it goes from full on to full off, with no actual fading, it's TTL.
    (or it's analog, but you have the "projector settings" set to TTL)
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    Thank you so much for the quick reply. I'm pretty sure it's a TTL projector. However, if the lasers are only capable on and off, why then during Target Setup, I'm able to increase and decrease the intensity of the laser?