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    Hi Everyone
    New to the forum but have a couple years with quick show and now beyond. Im working on a show where I need to trigger a timeline in beyond by using another programs (venue Magic) Timeline. Im hoping someone can help. I have succeeded in the reverse where I can start a Venue magic show using a DMX trigger placed in the beyond timeline but I really need to have VM be the Master and Beyond the slave. Where VM has a boat load of external control options I cant seem to find any solution for beyond. Im sure there is some code or "script" that could do it but I know noting about the pango script and was hoping there is a layman way.
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    If you can, please supply more information about how you want to control BEYOND? DMX (ENTTEC or ArtNET), MIDI, OSC, Time code? All these options are available.

    The easiest way, from my perspective, would be to use any of these communication methods, save your timeline show to a cue, then trigger the cue via one of the communication methods. Each method has a fairly easy way to trigger a workspace cue. DMX input has a 15 channel profile or DMX to PangoScript; both MIDI and OSC would trigger PangoScript commands and the command is very easy to understand once you open the PangoSCript editor.
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    Dmx would be the most straight forward. I do have the option to use a midi command as well as Timecode. So your saying save the Completed Timeline to a cue and set input DMX to start the cue? This is what I was trying to do but Im not sure how to assign a DMX input to trigger the cue. I did it the other way around because Venue magic offers very easy ways to assign triggers with varies methods. How do I set up playing of a cue with DMX start above 50% ch value? is there any stand alone hardware that would allow play back of exported beyond shows on a SD card Or is pc the only means of playing shows?I use Weigl Works pro commander controllers in stand alone. It would be nice if there was a controller that could run beyond show Exported files.
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    I think I see it. I see it in the cue.
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    Im getting an Error. "DMX in Error" Overflowed. I know VM does its DMX High transfer like 16 bit. most DMX programs run on 12 bit. Could that be the issue. I would no way to change it on my end
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    This message generated by EntTec controller. You may try to update the firmware. Otherwise, you may try to adjust the parameters of DMX signal sender.

    In general case, I recommend to keep your timeline in the editor (Timelime). No need to put it into the Cue. Cue designed for other purpose. Also, I recommend to use timecode. BEYOND support variety of timecodes, such as MIDI or ArtNet. The timeline also can generate a timecode (MIDI MTC or ArtNet). Without the timecode you will see desynchronization between your DMX app and BEYOND.

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    I can't get it to trigger anything. Where can I find a step by step to set up a timeline to trigger by DMX input? That's the 1st step. Thanks for any help.
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    Contact me by report at panglin dot com, I will send you a couple of doc files.