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    Example: Doubleclick on an event in the timeline and you get a detailed view. Now doubleclick for creating a new effect, e.g. size, and select a value. Zoom to the maximum. Snapping is off.

    Question: When I want to move the marker/point to another time, it snaps in a fine grid. Any chance to move it completely free? Something I do wrong :confused: Thanks in advance.

  2. Aaron@Pangolin

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    There is a disable "magnet" option (in QS) or "Snap events to timeline ruler - off" option at the bottom of the Timeline screen that will allow you to move your timing anywhere you want.
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    Thanks. I turned the magnet off (see attached picture), but selecting the "41"-marker and moving it, it still snaps into a fine grid, appr. 0,02 seconds. Is that what you mean? Or anything else I have to switch?

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    I have a similar problem:
    I use 2 Scanner and have 2 events for it at the same time. So I move the event for one scanner to match the start of the second scanner.
    And now, sometimes it snaps with the existing event, sometimes not...
    It would be very good that moving the edge of an event or the event itself will snap to time markers or edges of other events (ideally switchable on / off)...