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    When dragging an event in a track in the timeline, the start of the event does not snap to user-placed time markers regardless of the 'magnet option' selected.

    I can drag the start of the event, and it will snap to a user time marker, but this changes the duration of the event.

    What I would like to have happen is, when dragging the event as a whole (with the hand icon, from the middle of the event) the event start snapped to useful things, like user time markers.

    Is there a way to make this happen with a setting somewhere?
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    Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?
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    also interested in ... ;)

    But the way should be to set the grid to beat snapping (like in steinberg's cubase).
    This grid should snap to a desired beat setting, see:

    Hint for all searching people:
    The timeline can be set to BPM measure within the Show Properties window (File > Show Properties)
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    Hi Guys

    A few quick remarks.

    - snap when you grad the event implemented and on beta testing phase
    - added extra vertical lines at start/end of the Event when you drag it. Indeed handy.
    - The snap to Event and Time Markers is not a magnet function. There are 3 independent snaps - to Event sides, to Time Markers and to Time/beat gauge. The third one controllable by magnet buttons, other - see in Main menu
    - various beat oriented timeline paint and snap modes. It indeed comfortable and very good tool, no questions about it. What is the question is the priority. There are few things that must be completed before starting to work in this area. Thanks for tip, our team will be glad to improve this part of BEYOND as soon as time will allow.

    Best Regards,

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    Thx for this, I missed it as it was at the base of the image, though it seems not to change the timeline ie still shows seconds, though it looks like SMPTE was added.

    Is there any way to alter the BPM without having to go through the menu? If the BPM is not set right, seems a bit tedious to have to go though over and over to get it right. It would be great if you could just click the bpm timeline and drag it to adjust to the beat (if the markers set to match BPM moved when you drag that is).

    I've only just worked out how to do audio scrub (it was a question I was going to ask), but I'd like to add to the previous comments that more similarites to audio programms would be good.

    I think the From and To markers should be labelled as loop (more intuitive to me at least) with a switch to turn loop on/off. As per Logic (audio editor), and probably Cubase etc, you can just click in the timeline and drag out a loop selection. Then only a toggle switch is needed in the menu.

    How to jump from one marker to the next? Unless there is an event already loaded, the control takes you to the end of the timeline. Alt+L/R jumps to edit points only as I can see.

    Is there a method to delete multiple time markers. EG set a loop, say first 32 bars, next select Marking> Add Time Markers inside Mark-in Mark-out by BPM. To delete these markers without deleting every other marker already set, they need to be individually selected. Can this be done without ctrl-clicking on each individual one? ie drag over a selection. Can be done by reseting the loop points and then through the menu but it seems clunky, especially if you have altered the loop points.
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    +1 for the No Loop option on user time.
    We often want to just play part of a timeline in show situation , but can't use User time because of the loop.

    Also +1 for BPM set inside timeline.
    Currently we play the music externally, tap out BPM in Grid mode and then insert manually BMP in Show properties.