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Discussion in 'Lasershow Designer 2000' started by Bradfo69, Jan 8, 2012.

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    I have a problem with a few of my shows. When they load up in Showtime and play, the song abruptly stops short before the show ends. If I play the music in Windows Media Player, the complete song is there. According to what I can tell, the length of the show and the length of the song are the same but, perhaps 20 or 30 seconds prior to the end of the show the audio drops out. I've read through help files and tried to look through tutorials to no avail. Fireflies by Owl City is one of the offenders. I was able to drag the red line to the right a little past the end of the show on the timeline and picked up another 10 seconds or so but, it still stopped before the show ended. Any suggestions?

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    Are these shows you have created or from others?

    I know with the version of Fireflies by Owl City that I have access to the show is not complete. I have not experienced the issue with other shows though. Can you hit me up with a few examples? Possibly send me the files to test with? :D
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    You might double check and make sure there's nothing odd going on with % of the show length. Sometimes you can get situations where if scenes are set to less than 100% of the total time but the module is at 100% things don't time out right, or vice versa, even though it looks at first glance like the module is the right length. Does it look like the rest of the song is timing out correctly?
    Also, is the audio an mp3 or wav? I've had some issues with oddly encoded mp3 files that sometimes cause weird things to happen (missing sound, dropouts, weird timing, etc). As a general rule if I get audio as an mp3 I convert it to a standard wav just to be sure.
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    I HATE it when that happens... :eek: :eek: