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    Hello everyone. I am experiment with beyond trying to create a laser man show. I have watched amazing shows in you tube and in my effort to create my one show i came to a point that i need a little help!
    I am using a green single color 3000mv laser projector and when i create a single dot in order to have a single moving beam (for the beginning of my show) the power and the thickness of that beam is not as strong as i need. When i switch to the target beams then i really have a beautiful and powerful beam but then on a target beam i cannot add effects or give motion. Any tips will be very helpful! thanks in advance
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    In frame editor select a point oriented tool and keep pressing the mouse on the same until you will have a beam that is made from 100 points.
    That will be a strong beam, but if you have a laser pointer and you plan to take the laser beam to your hand than you want the laser projector beam and the laser pointer beam to look the same.
  3. koutsoumpis

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    Great thank you Aricha. I already experiment with that and it works. But still I am wondering why its not so bright as the targeted beams? What is so special with the targeted ones and they are much brighter?
    Also another question I have is the following:
    Even thought I created a dot in frame editor with 100 points, when I press show it now the points indicator show a different number than 100. Why is that?
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    test the command "repeat counter"
    look the image

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