Tips for making good videos of my shows

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  1. koutsoumpis

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    Hi guys.Any tips how to make good and realistic video of my shows?Is it true that a laser beam might harm the CCD sensor of a video camera?I have seen great videos of lasers shows in VIMEO and YOU TUBE with great resolution, bright colors and it looks very realistic.Please give me some tips if i need do use a special lens or something similar!
  2. Pangolin

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    If you're making videos of projections on a screen or wall (like graphics), then these will not harm any camera.

    If you're making videos of audience scanning, then we'd recommend you use a Beam Attenuation Map and either greatly attenuate, or perhaps even black out the area around the camera.

    Note that you may need to do this in multiple zones, depending on your content.

    For more information, you might take a look at this video:
  3. Mabaan

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    Bi, the beam certainly Harms a camera like it did to my brand new Iphone6s

    Be advised
  4. koutsoumpis

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    Thank you all for your tips.I do using a net screen sometimes with back projection.In case the camera is in front of the screen (the beams are targeting the camera) but between the projectors and the camera is the screen.In this case the screen works as a protection to the camera or not?I ask this because you mention there is not a problem in case of a screen.