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  1. piwolf

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    I was told there was a way to drive galvo scan speed with audio tone in pangolin. I have rented a dev setup and working through features currently and Im not finding precisely that.

    I understand how fft bands from audio input can be used throughout the software.
    In the Abstraction editor, the X Y Z ratio editor is close to what I need but still not 1:1.

    Is there a way to use left channel audio for X mirror scan rate, right channel audio as Y mirror scan rate like DIY oscilloscope style use.

    previously done the motu through a preamp and wired to galvo thing but I want to mix that style of design into the more feature rich pangolin workflow.

    Suggestions? Feature request?
    something I can get through scripting?

  2. ENOT

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    Two steps:
    1. Start audio processing in Audio tab in QuickTools area of BEYOND.
    2. Go to Shape editor, it has variety of audio based things.

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  3. piwolf

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    right, I have already explored this, im not sure if your reading my post clearly.

    The current Audio processing in Beyond analyzes the full summed signal of both channels for FFT bands and this is not what Im asking about.

    I want to use the LEFT CHANNEL ONLY as the scanrate drive of the X axis directly. IE. sine tone frequency becomes scan speed and loudness of tone becomes amplitude of scan. no need for any FFT analysis.

    Same for RIGHT CHANNEL ONLY but for the Y axis.

    currently I cant find a way to seperate the two channels of audio in Beyond anywhere nor does there seem to be a way to tell pangolin to simply pass through the tone frequency as scan frequency.
    currently there are unnecessary analysis and translation actions happening for what I am trying to achieve.

    Is this specific workflow possible somehow?

    Its an old workflow in the laser community, here is an example of driving lasers with audio directly from an audio rack, through a preamp to get it into proper voltage range and then soldered right to the mirror galvos. in the video your hearing the audio used to drive the lasers.

    Can I use this method from Pangolin? Otherwise Im back to electrically modifying existing lasers and needing a seperate laser to use pangolin on the same show.
    The abstractions and shape oscillations are so close but not 1:1.

    whats currently available is a more complex programming task than what I am asking for actually.
    But it lacks the ability to work in this very simple passthrough way that has been around for decades.
  4. ENOT

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    Thanks for commentaries. I understand now. This exact effect is not possible to do now, and I recommend to use classic (electronic) method.

    Maybe...maybe you can record this signal as WAV and then import it into BEYOND by means of LC-ADAT embedded into application.

    I will let you know if will appear some better ideas.

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