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Discussion in 'Lasershow Designer QuickShow' started by whiteg, Oct 4, 2014.

  1. whiteg

    whiteg Well-Known Member

    My TraceIt no start, 7,25 firmware problem.
    You can see the picture:

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  2. whiteg

    whiteg Well-Known Member

    There is no solution? :(
  3. Frank G.

    Frank G. Member

    would be nice to get a solution quick.
    or how can i downgrade my fb3qs to 7.25.
    need to trace thing urgently ... thanks.
  4. whiteg

    whiteg Well-Known Member

    The traceIt running the 777 version now.

    QS re-installed.
    FB3 driver re-installed.
    Download the latest version 777.
    Connected the FB3.
    Projector power on. (QS not run!)
    And TraceIt work!

    Intresting, If I no power on the projectror (only connected the FB3 but power off the projector) the Traceit no start.
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  5. Aaron@Pangolin

    Aaron@Pangolin Staff Member

    I apologize Guys, I was trying to test this and was never able to reproduce it. Are you trying to open TraceIT while QuickShow is open? That will not work, QS must be closed before TraceIt will open.

    I am glad you are up and running but I am confused when you say your projector has to be connected and powered on. All our hardware controllers are mainly just Analog to Digital converters and really have no way to "receive" any type of signal from the laser projector to even let the controller know the projector is there (even the interlock circuit is passive); I am not sure why TraceIT wouldn't open without the projector powered on. You will need the FB3 connected to the computer but the laser shouldn't need to be powered on.
  6. whiteg

    whiteg Well-Known Member

    Dear Aaron,
    The TraceIt working very well and no need the projector.
    I rebooted the Windows and all problems are improved.