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    Hello, I use QS with FB3. Yesterday I downloaded TraceIt for FB3, but I could not make cue from AVI file.... THERE IS NO DRIVER ON YOUR SYSTEM - such phrase I have seen on my screen. What can I do for making cues from AVI? Is here anybody, who can help me. What driver and where I can get this driver, and how to setup this driver.
    And one more question - on the site PANGOLIN there is a phrase about export from TRACEIT for many formats, but in my progamm there is only one format - LPS. How I can use export for many formats option?

    PS My system is WINDOWS XP.
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    Thanks for your post. I believe at least one of the problems you are experiencing is due to codecs on your computer.

    If you haven't done so already, please contact us directly by email (using our ticketing system or contact form at To understand the problem we may need to dial into your computer and look around...