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    Sorry for my English language, so I am from the Netherlands.

    I have post this item in an other thread, but there is stil no answer, so I try it again.

    I have installed Quickshow and I like it very much.
    But now I want create animations and have downloaded TraceIt.

    Quickshow is the newest version and I have updated the firmware, but TraceIt dont start. It says that the apps is not correct.

    So I have download the suggested files TraceIt-712, but it's stil not working.

    Is there sombody with a suggestion to complete the installation or is there an other way to get vector files in the cue editor ?

    With kindly regards from the Netherlands
  2. Cyberb0b

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    Have you already tried QuickTrace?

    Thats embedded within QuickShow it self.
  3. rinyassink

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    vector in a frame

    Thanks Cyberb0b,

    I use QuickTrace and that works very well.

    But I have many animation files in a vector format with make the animation smooth.
    If I can place each seperated file in a frame, than I get a beauty animation.
    So I am looking for a way to do this.

    Greetings from the Netherlands.

  4. Cyberb0b

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    Could you tell what your problem is with Trace-it?

    Does the program run? Does it find the fb3?
    If trace-it opens, it will create a new log directory.
    What does the log file tell?
  5. Stuka

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    Since QuickShow is in beta release, there are several versions of it, the firmware, and other supported FB3 applications floating around.

    It would probably be best to contact Pangolin tech support directly using their "Contact" link on the main web page. Let them know the exact version of the QuickShow and firmware you are currenly using, and they should be able to hook you up. -@
  6. rinyassink

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    Thanks guys,

    When I try to instal TraceIt there appears a popup that says there is a APPS file missing.

    I have mailed Pangolin and I hope the answere is there.

    On the web I found the program Vexractor and that can converts vector files to Ilda frames.
    I give it a try and let you know what are the results.

    Greeting from a dark Netherlands.

  7. rinyassink

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    The problem is solved.

    Vextractor can save vector files to ild frames, so I can place this in the Pangolin editor.

    Thanks all and much "laserplesure" :rolleyes:


    The Netherlands
  8. decix

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    But Vextractor must be bought first...
    and results differ, sometimes TraceIT is better, sometimes Vextractor does a better job.
    Depending on picture and parameters.