Tracks and Capture laser output

Discussion in 'Lasershow Designer 2000' started by Thierry, Mar 3, 2004.

  1. Thierry

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    Hello everybody,
    I'm a new (happy)Pangolin (LD2000 intro) user with a few questions...
    I can't seem 2 find any references to the Tracks (LD2000) subject within the help files (printed) nor for the capture laser output 2 frame(showtime)...
    I also can
  2. Thierry

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    Never mind,i had the chance to be called by the right person:MisterHugo Bunk himself...from Laser Image B.V.: you very much Hugo. :N
  3. Thierry

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    :N :N :N :N :N :N
  4. Thierry

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    I answer to myself...funny isn't? :)
  5. Pangolin

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    Hi Thierry,

    We are coming out with a Tutorial DVD very soon which may be very helpful in answering things like this. The DVD takes you through everything from installing the hardware and software, to using LD and Showtime, plus some extra sections on LivePRO and Projection Zones.

    We will have a web page about this soon. Keep an eye on our "what's new" section...

  6. Thierry

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    Thank you Bill.i can't wait to learn more about LD
    and Live pro...Could you please be kind to send me an e-mail when this DVD becomes available across Europe?
    Thank you again.